How to apply joint's inverse forces to another body

I have a ragdoll set up with a kinematic body (hand target) connected to the hand using a configurable joint. When I move the hand target, the hand is pulled along as expected my the physics joint. However, I want the character’s whole body to not get pulled with it. Is there a way to take the forces that the joint is applying to the hand and apply the inverse of those forces to the ragdoll’s shoulder?

My solution was to not connect the hand to a floating object in space, but to use a configurable joint connecting the hand and the shoulder, using the target position and drive modes. It takes a lot of tweaking, but it seems to give the result I want in that the ragdoll’s center of mass doesn’t seem to move anywhere. The joint automatically applies the inverse force that I need, the drive modes were just what I was having trouble discovering.

Make sure your configurable joint allows free XYZ Motion.