How to apply my custom shader to scene lightmap/light probes

In case my bad English makes you confused,I’m not asking how to apply lightmap/light probe in my shader (that’s easy to find out),I just want to know how to make materials with my custom shader to affect the global illumination lighting, because I noticed that materials with Unity build-in shader can do that.
In picture below, the color of the red wall has been project to the sphere and the light probe (smaller sphere) next to it.

but when I replace the shader with my own and bake again, even the wall looks like exactly the same red color, there’s no any red projected to environment around.

I guess I need to add some secret codes into my shader? Any clue will be appreciated.

any answer!!!

i am having the exact same problem. i am writing my own custom shader from scratch, adding all needed bits, and my shader DOES influence the light probes, i would even say “more brightly” than the original Standard Shader, but i only see “white” and do not pick up colors (like your red wall in your example image).


maybe it has to do with Gamma vs. Linear light space?
maybe there is a chance to add a keyword to the shader, so that unity includes code to do it correctly “automatically”?

maybe it is doing this, but additionally i contribute to much brightness to the final pixels? i was doing a space scene with a directional light set to 1.5 intensity, also my shaders do add a lot of different layers together. maybe something like this is causing results to be more than 1.0 on all RGB channels and thats clamped for the GI / light probe situation down to 1.0 (instead of normalized to something looking colored). strange…
did you solve it @zero2046 ?