How to apply root motion to Blender animation

hello, i’m new to unity… as the title says, i have a character with walkcycle animation which i made in blender… but when i export it as fbx file to unity and try to play it in preview, the walkcycle animation stay in place…

my question is, how can i make the animation move forward?
thank you

I got this problem also and I found solution myself after searching a few hours.
Solution is as shown in figure :slight_smile:

PS.worked in Pose Mode

I just discovered how to do this. I was having the same problem, and I couldn’t find the answer on google. So this is how I did it:

  1. Go into Object mode, select the armature(Object) and animate it on your walk cycle action.

  2. Export to unity in fbx format.

  3. Then select your character asset, on the inspector(Importer), choose Animations:

  4. Choose your walk cycle clip.

  5. Scroll down, and on the Root Transform Positon(Y), check Bake Into Pose, and choose Root Node Position.

  6. Now choose the Rig option

Now on the Root Node option choose the bone or object where the movement is coming from. In my case, I moved the armature as and Object, so I chose rig(Name of my armature).

I hope this helps other people with the same problem.

Like getyour411 said, you need to move the object yourself. In blender you animate the object walking in the same spot, and then in unity you move it. You could also (say if it was for a cinematic scene) move it yourself in the animation panel. Check out this tutorial for the very basics- Unity 3D: Introduction to Animation - YouTube

But the best way is by code. E.g. //“walk”); and put that where your movement is.