How to apply UV to Model in Unity?,Got a UV Map and Model. How do i get it to work in Unity?

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Created a simple low-poly tree model and a UV map for it in Blender. I can not “apply” the UV map to my model in Unity tho. After importing to unity the model is grey and i dont have any idea what to do with the UV map to make it work.

I thank you for any help!
,Okay. So i made a basic model of a low-poly birch tree in blender. It is working well in Unity with the seperate materials. But when i “bake” a UV map in Blender and put it into unity with the model, the model is only grey and i have no idea how to “apply” my UV map to the model.

Thank you for any help in advance!

Did you try to import baked uv-texture in the project and apply it to model as a meterial?