how to arrange numbers

i have some bools named “quest1” , “quest2” , “quest3” &… and they may become true or false during the game… I have a ActiveQuests that shows the number of quests that are true… plus them I have a quest1number , quest2number , quest3number &… that are related to quests… I want to arrang the number by the distance of 60… I mean if the active quests are 2 , and the active ones are Quest1 & Quest3 , make quest1number = 60 & quest3number = 160 …
how should I arrange these number?

According to your comment, you want to pile down several GUI.Label. Once you know which one you’ll display, you can use either GUILayout, which by default is Vertical so it does exactly that, or use a loop and your y will be yStart + increment*offset.