How to assign and find Textures by tag

Hello all,

I noticed that there’s something looking like tags for textures and materials in Unity Editor :


The little “tag” button in the bottom right corner allow me to assign and create new tags.

How can I retrieve those tags in Unity script ? I’d like to be able to switch some materials in the scene according to a tag classification. I managed to do this upon materials name (i.e. including “Floor” or “Wall” in material name, and the using != -1), but I’d like to find a better way.

I have tried using the Material.GetTag method, but it looks like I didn’t get how it works :

 for (var material in allMaterials) {
        var result:String = material.GetTag(tag, false, "nope");
	    if (result != "nope") {

Thank you for letting me know what I’ve done wrong, or if there’s a better way to achieve this.

Maybe this page is helping: