how to assign collider to skinned mesh?


I’m trying to make a humanoid model capable of physics and colliding. The model is composed of several skinned meshes (the body is one, or limbs etc.). More specifically, for a limb there is a game object and a skinned mesh renderer component in it.
(It was not me who made the model.)

I tried to assign a primitive collider and a rigidbody to each of these game objects, but when I start the game the game object with the collider falls down (because of the rigidbody) but the mesh stays on its place. I don’t understand why doesn’t the mesh fall down with its game object.

Could anyone help me with this please?

Thank you all for the answers. I will answer to my own question because I think I finally did it right. I could not attach rigidbody and collider to the mesh itself, but to the bone game objects (not the ones which contained the skinned mesh renderer) I could. I needed to resize the colliders manually but that was not a problem. After that I made joints between the bones to have them stay together.
I hope very much that this is the correct workflow to do this :smiley:
Thank you all, again.