How to Assign FloatParameter

I want to use a float from a sliders value to change the Ambient Occlusion Intensity, how do I pass the float value into the Ambient Occlusion?

Here is what I’m trying now. This is a Dynamic Float assigned to the slider.

    public void SetAmbientOcclusion(float f)
        ambientOcclusionIntensity.value = f;
        PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("AOIntensity", f);
        AmbientOcclusion aO = null;
        ppv.profile.TryGetSettings(out aO);
        FloatParameter fP = new FloatParameter {value = f}; //the fp not getting set
        aO.intensity = fP;
        ambientOcclusionIntensityText.text = "Intensity : " + f.ToString("F2");
        PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("AOIntensity", f);

My working assumption is that
FloatParameter fP = new FloatParameter {value = f}; is not correct.

You can just use a0.intensity.value = f; and it works just fine. I’ve never needed to use a float parameter when working with the PPStack before. @Razputin