How to assign Sprite from Script?

Hi All.

I`m using Sprite Packer.

Sprite Packer doesnt work at Resoureces Folder.
So We can
t use Resources.Load.

I want to assign (or load) sprite from Script.
How to do this?

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class LoadSprite : MonoBehaviour {
   private Image m_Image;

   [SerializeField] private Sprite[] m_Sprites;
   private int m_CurrentSpriteIndex = 0;

   private void Start () {
     m_Image = GetComponent <Image> ();

   private void Update () {
     m_CurrentSpriteIndex = m_CurrentSpriteIndex + 1;
     if (m_CurrentSpriteIndex >= m_Sprites.Length) {
       m_CurrentSpriteIndex = 0;

     m_Image.sprite = m_Sprites [m_CurrentSpriteIndex];

Thank you for reply.

Now I do such like it.
But It`s not cool.

I want to know concept for Sprite Packer.