How to assign transforms to a Prefab?,How can I assign transforms to Prefabs?

For my project for college, I need to create an enemy, convert it into a prefab and then initiate it into my scene. However for some reason, the transform data from my script is not being saved on my enemy prefab, why is this? Is there a potential fix for saving this data?

I have linked some screenshots below of my issue and my enemy script so far:
][1],I’m making a game for a college project and I’m stuck when converting my enemies into prefabs, most of the data for the enemy is saved apart from my player transform. Any solutions to this issue? I have linked some screenshots below of my prefabs and the script it belongs to, hope it helps:


@Mr_Mutant, unfortunately, that is the way it works. Prefab Script component public property references to other objects are not retained with prefabs. You can only (and must) assign them to the specific instance after you Instantiate the prefab.