How to attach an object to another?

I’m making a mobile app where you play as a knight blocking arrows. I want the knight to be stuck in place but the shield can go across his head and to the side (depending where the player touches)

I figure the best way to do this is to have the shield as a seperate object that I attach to his hand and the hand will follow the shield. Are there any guides or resources on how to accomplish this as I am quite new to unity.

HEllo there.

I’m not sure what are you asking for with “Attach” but i supose you just need to make the Shield child of the hand (Hand to be the parent of the shield), and the arrows child of the shield. So the hicheracy should be:


To modyfy the parent of and object, do via this code:

   Shield.transform.parent = Hand.transform;

IS this what was you askinf for?

To modify the