How to attach components to rigidbodies in editor

I have been reading about hinge joints and I want to use them to attach boxes to random points on a cylinder. How do I “attach” things in the editor? I know how to add components to individual objects, but I don’t know how to tie two objects together. I just need the step-by-step guide of the mouse clicks I need to do.

In the picture provided, I want the cubes to stay where they are relative to the cylinder as it moves/rotates. I already have the “LookAtCamera” script which keeps the boxes faces in view. Now I just need to figure out how to build the hinge between these objects.

Edit: The first answer provided was so simple it eluded me…to drag the cubes onto the cylinder in the editor. That locks the two items together during runtime, correct? So do I add hinge components to the little red boxes to let them rotate freely? How do I pick the hinge points? Do I have to provide the numbers or is there a mouse point-n-click operation?

Links to tutorials that build scenes/objects/characters would help out a ton. Thanks!

All you need to do is drag those objects onto the cylinder object so that they are children of it.

In Hierarchy, click on a ‘box’ you want to attach, drag onto the cylinder, done.

You dont need LookAt in this case since they are already in the correct rotation.