How to attach two colliders (i.e two or more game objects )?

Hello all,
I have an problem, that i have searched on google but i did not find the perfect solution for this.
I need to attach two colliders or like two or more game objects. How to do i did not find the solution for this.
Let i share briefly - EX: if i have an three colliders that i have placed like 1 by 1( like stairs or floors), if i hold the top gameobject and i moved position to up side. Now actually the top collider only will moves to the position. But here i need to move the three gameobjects/colliders. For this here we need to attach the colliders. I am hanged on here ! how to attach the colliders?
I have tried with all Joints- But not working well?
Can any one try this and share the idea , for how to do.

Hey, it looks like you’re waiting to child the other 2 objects to the parent object so that when you move the parent the child objects move with it right?

If so just simply drag and drop the 2 other gameOjbects inside of the parent object so they collapse under it.

Image below to help.

alt text

Hope this is what you was looking for.