How to automatically change a characters posture when switching guns?

Hi all!

I intend to create a Third-Person-Shooter (Multiplayer).

The player character will be equipped with 3 guns.

His shooting position differs with each gun.

All weapon change tutorials I found shows
what need to be done to effect gun change,

but not how to make the arms/hands/fingers follows
their related positions to each gun when changing.
How to achieve this effect in unity 3d?

My desired result:

Every time when the player press the “gun switch key”,

it should looks like in the attached gif image.
Thanks in advance for your help

Okay, it’s half a year later,
I learned a few things,

and now I know that my question
is too complex

to be answered
in one or two lines
(as I had hoped).

I want to apologize to tormentoarmagedoom,

because my comment sounds a little bitchy,
I guess.

Hi @Booze2use, its a simple question, with a simple solution that requires you to know modeling, animation and rigging.

Simply put, when developers designs different guns to be held in certain ways, they either have a generic collection of postures that serves for each type of Gun (Like Counter Strike Models) and design the guns to fit those models, or they specifically create the models for each gun. As in they would actually design the animations to have the guns in hand.
The Easy way around this ofcourse is to by assets from the unity store that comes with animations and then design guns (from scratch or simply scaling them) to fit in the hands of your model.
Unfortunately you won’t be able to find automatically adjusted hands. I’m sure they do exists, but would probally either cost allot or be IP protected. Hope this helps you out.

Good day.

I think you want to build a full house when you dont even undesrtand how to make a wall…

If you are asking this ios because you have 0 idea of modeling, animations, etc… maybe you need to start from the beginning, forget your Third-Person-Shooter (Multiplayer) realistic and detailed game, and learn hot to animate, how to create characters and models, animations, etc…

(no offense, just trying to be realistic)