How to avoid culling when instancing object via DrawMeshInstancedIndirect

The instanced objects disappear as soon as the game object drawing them gets out of the view frustum.
Is there any way how to prevent that from happening? i.e. is there a way to force rendering the instanced object all time or give a bounding volume for the game object?

Following the example on Unity - Scripting API: Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect or GitHub - noisecrime/Unity-InstancedIndirectExamples: Exploring Unity 5.6 InstanceIndirect Method to render large numbers of meshes and move the parent game object out of the view frustum and all objects disappear.

If oneself is to fast with Copy and Paste. Should have read the function header more carefully:

DrawMeshInstancedIndirect(Mesh mesh, int submeshIndex, Material material, Bounds bounds, …

Set your desired bounding size and the instanced objects are visible all the time.