How to avoid Garbage collection?

How can I destroy a variable or an object in a correct manner so that it doesn’t have to be manually picked up by the GarbageCollector?

Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean by “variable”. Only the heap memory is under GC control. There is no way to “manually” free heap memory. The GC is the only one who can free this memory. Keep in mind that memory is never “empty”. The process of “freeing” memory is just the process of determine which areas aren’t longer needed / used and mark them as free.

When you talk about “variables” you usually mean local variables since “variables” in classes are called fields or sometimes member variables. classes are always created and stored on the heap, local variables are always created on the stack. When you call a method / function the system creates a “stack frame” which holds all local variables of that method. Keep in mind that only the values of the variables are stored on the stack. If the variable is a reference type it’s referenced object is still located on the heap. Only valuetypes can be stored directly on the stack.

The stackframes are automatically removed when the function returns to the caller. Everything localted on the heap has to be collected by the GC. That is the “correct way” of handling object memory. You can’t free it manually.

How to reduce the GC load? well, don’t produce garbage :wink: If you can avoid creating and destroying objects.