How to avoid Mesh Connection breaking w/ Version Control

I’m working with a team of almost 20 people with Unity Pro & Perforce for version control and we’re having trouble finding consistency in the way Unity handles asset dependency. We’re not using a Unity Asset Server, but we’re using the metadata flags to avoid having to work with the Library folder. Some of our art assets seem to be carrying over, but others don’t seem to hold a connection to their mesh/original model no matter what we do.

Can someone explain how to guarantee that a model and/or prefab and all its connections and import settings make it successfully on the server? Models themselves are coming over fine, just their import settings aren’t always making it as well as the scene objects referencing them keep losing their connection (i.e. mesh missing in inspector).

Don’t forget to add the .meta files to the version control. Import settings and connections are stored in those files.

Also close Unity when you commit (to make sure everything is saved) or update (because thing can get pretty messed up in some rare cases).

.meta files should not be modified that often, so it is a good thing to check for changes after an update and revert if necessary.