How to balance a platform when an object is moving on it?

I´m traying to make a platform “rotate” when a ball is moving on it, if my ball is on the up-left corner, this platform will tilt to his position or if the ball is moving to another place, the platform will tilt to his position.

There is a game component that can make this? Or how can I achive this?


I’d say first try the simple solutions first. Give the map a high mass and perhaps add some “Drag” to like 10 or so. THEN put an invisible sphere under it so it has a sort of anchor point to roll around on.

You can also clamp the rotations so it won’t just flip over completely. But that’s where I’d start off at. I don’t know of any other way this could be done without tons of code to (fake) it.

u can freeze the rotations or position of the map :wink: also add a skybox ur bg looks empty :wink:
or just remove rigidbody and add only colliders bcuz if u remove rigidbody then physics wudnt apply on the map so try doing that :slight_smile: pls give me some helping credits if my method works ;ty