How to Bend Planes within unity?

Im sorry if i’m coming off as very new (of which I am) but I could not find out how to bend planes within Unity, This is hard to explain but basically in my attachment I want to make the first image look like the second image without having to create separate objects and rotate them. Thank you.[88220-example.pdf|88220]

For that you will have to use other 3d modelling software like Blender. There is no way to do that in Unity since it is not a modelling software.

Blender would be easier as @AurimasBlazulionis suggests. However, you can do it in Unity.

You could use ProBuilder which is a free Unity asset. You can grab it in the package manager in Unity 2018.

Alternatively you can do it via scripts and modify vertice placement. I stumbled upon this thread while looking to a script solution myself. This thread looks promising: Bend a Rectangle plane using unity3d scripting - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions