How to better resolve issues in the community

Hello, I have noticed that many Q&A issues go unresolved. It seems like a big part of this is that a lot of these topics, are never responded to. (Of course, some don’t respond to the help they are given.) This results in many users getting stuck, or have questions that they cant find the answer too.

From what I see, there just aren’t enough users to resolve all the issues, and some can’t help with the more advanced topics, or simply don’t have the answer on hand. It seems like when these topics don’t receive any attention in the first twelve hours, they get buried, and don’t get a solution.

I also understand that some posts aren’t responded to because some topics authors don’t really give any details. I have seen post’s that don’t even have a description. Also as I mentioned above, some topic’s authors don’t even ever respond to the help that they are given.
But still, I have seen some well put together Q&A posts that don’t get any help. Is their something that could be done about this? A topic time extension? Anything would be good.