How to break line of a TextMesh via StringReader()?

I’m trying to make a Quiz Games. I access a external .txt file via StringReader() and read each line via .readLine()
Everything was working right, but i realize if I got a too extensive question, it’s exceed the layout bounds and it’s something that cannot happen. So, reading some tutorials, i try to input "
" in my strings but it’s not working anyway I try.

All I want to know is how to break lines of a external file I read without enter this in the .txt file?
There’s the code to read the file:

 void ReadFile(string File){
        		FileInfo theSourceFile = null;
        		TextReader reader = null;
        		theSourceFile = new FileInfo (Application.dataPath + "/" + File+".txt");
        		if (theSourceFile != null && theSourceFile.Exists)
        				reader = theSourceFile.OpenText ();  // returns StreamReader
        		else {
        						TextAsset textFile = (TextAsset)Resources.Load (Arquivo, typeof(TextAsset));
        						if (textFile != null)
        							reader = new StringReader (textFile.text);
        		if (reader == null)
        						Debug.Log ("Text file not found or not readable");
        				else {
        						if (Arquivo.Equals ("Questions"))
        								AddQuestionsToList (reader);
        						if (Arquivo.Equals ("Alternatives"))
        								AddAlternativeToList (reader);

And this code add the strings in the List

void AddAlternativeToList (TextReader reader)
    		do {
    			string stringReader;
    				stringReader= reader.ReadLine ();
    				if (stringReader.Equals ("End"))
    					if (!stringReader.Equals ("1") && !stringReader.Equals ("2") && !stringReader.Equals ("3") && !stringReader.Equals ("4"))
    					listOfAnswers.Add (stringReader);
    			}while(!stringReader.Equals ("1") && !stringReader.Equals ("2") && !stringReader.Equals ("3") && !stringReader.Equals ("4"));
    				} while(!reader.ReadLine().EndsWith("End") && reader != null);
    		reader.Close ();

There are lots of solutions. You can make kinda-html subset for strings like:

"SuperQuestion:<sep>What is it?"

And then in the code:

string superstring = reader.ReadLine().Replace("<sep>","


P.S. Unity Answers code formatting stupidity is beyond measure.
Replace “sep” to “br” to be compliant with html standard xD

Nevermind, It’s worked!!
Thanks, man. You’re my hero \o