How to build to a mobile plataform

Hello, i wish to start saying that the Unity is very good to me.
I have mounted projects based on Unity tutorials. My objective is sell applications to mobile.

So when i try to export my project to android plataform the Unity return errors.

I see that android games cannot have some objects, like floor. How can I know what components I can have to build a game to a android plataform?

I see another plataforms like Adobe Flex for mobile. But Unity 3D seems more complete. I really want to use Unity 3D, and I want to buy when i have the first sell, because I believe that the owners of Unity 3D deserve.

João Costa

Android objects cannot have some objects like “Floor”.
I guess you mean terrain? You need to get Terrain 4 mobile… to make terrain for mobiles.
You also need to change the input controls to mobile controls in your scripts.
Also the getcomponent lines need to be changed for mobile format.
The texture sizes have to be much lower and there are probably going to be many errors you have to change for mobile, you can’t simply just switch platform and build.

A magical button to convert a project to mobile doesn’t exist my foreign friend !

InterstellarGames, thank you!

Yes, I mean terrain.
Yes, have plataforms that convert a project like magic. I have 2 converted using PhoneGap, is fantastic.
I wish that in the future Unity 3D can to convert a project with a button.

So, back to the topic, have a document that list how to build to mobile format?

You unmasked me I am foreign…lol, Did you notice because of my English?

João Costa

If your terrain isn’t altered in anyway (Like making mountains) and you simply need a flat floor, you could also just create a new GameObject (Like a cube) and scale it to be a flat ground.

It would be nice if you got Terrain that works for mobiles though, because I doubt your terrain is going to be completely flat :slight_smile:

LaughinSkull is exactly my problem. If I do a object using simple geometric models I can’t have advanced forms.
In the terrain case I really have solved using of a flat floor, but have another components to transform to mobile formats. I don’t found documents that say how to build to mobile.