How to bypass audio effects from script? (AudioMixer)

For my game, I intend to make heavy use of audio effects in Unity 5’s AudioMixer. I understand how to expose parameters to control them from script.

But how do I bypass audio effects from script (to conserve cpu)? There seems to be no “enabled” property or parameter that I could set in the inspector, where other exposable parameters show up. There is only the toggle button in the mixer view itself.

Surely it’s possible to do that from script?

It is 2022 and this is STILL an issue.

I can’t turn ON or OFF effects or even bypass them at runtime/through code

How am I supposed to handle a hundred audio sources? Uh? Assigning and de-assigning audio mixer simply is NOT an option here. And this is exactly my case.

Unity come on, it’s been 5 years now

your AudioSourceGameobject.SetActive(true/false);

Use snapshots. Have one with the effect on and one with it off. You can script to transitionTo another snapshot

You can say audioSource.outputAudioMixerGroup = null. To enable that mixer later, simply assign it again.