How to calculate the height of wordwrapped gui text

I am currently using a single font and altering it's size to put text into a GUI.Label. I use the following code to make sure that the text fits my label:

var customButton : GUIStyle; static var content = new GUIContent(); var string = "Contents of label"; var sizeX = 200; var sizeY = 40; var startPosX = 20; var startPosY = 20;

customButton.wordWrap = false;
content = GUIContent(string);
customButton.fontSize = 60;
var boxContentSize : Vector2 = customButton.CalcSize(content);
while (boxContentSize.y > sizeY || boxContentSize.x > sizeX)
    customButton.fontSize -= 5;
    boxContentSize = customButton.CalcSize(content);

GUI.Label (Rect (startPosX,startPosY,sizeX,sizeY), string, customButton);

This code reduces the font size until the text fits the box size. If I print out the values of boxContentSize.x and boxContentSize.y they seem reasonable values based on the assumption that they are in screen pixels.

As I sometimes want to put in longer strings and wrap the text I set wordWrap = true. However, when I do this, the boxContentSize.y is a very large value and does not seem to relate to the pixel size in the Y direction. I've tried using

customButton.CalcHeight(content, boxContentSize.x);

but this also gives a value in boxContentSize.y that is larger than expected. Can anyone explain what width value is supposed to be passed in CalcHeight and how I get a reasonable value for the height of the text based on a given font size? Any help would be appreciated.

You need both GUIStyle.CalcSize and GUIStyle.CalcHeight.