How to calculate the vertices of an icosphere

How can I calculate the vertices of an icosphere and identify them with x,y coordinates?
I want to generate an icosphere grid of vertices.

Start by creating a Icosahedron which is actually the “smallest” icosphere.

Then you can use a simple subdivide method like the ones i’ve posted over here(don’t miss the link to the wiki at the end).

Once subdivided you simply “normalize” all vertices so they have the same distance from the center. If the Icosahedron has been created around the local origin you can simply do

v = v.normalized * radius;

for each vertex.

You can repeat the subdiv process several times if you want to get the desired resolution.

I’m just a bit confused since you said “x, y” instead of “x,y,z” and used the term “grid”. Those terms usually refer to 2d while a sphere is a 3d object. Maybe i didn’t get what you actually want. If that’s not what you want, feel free to edit your question and include more details, maybe a drawing or screenshot of what you want.