How to call a function on animation frame when the animations are animated in blender?

I have created and animated a model in blender, and it works just great. But I am in a situation where I want to call a function in the middle of the animation, and I cannot get acces to the animation as if I had created the animation in unity.
If I double click on the animation in unity it takes me to blender.
If I click on it one time I can only see the fps and length, which both are locked.

What you can do is call the function after a
yield WaitForSeconds (animation [“clip name”].length * (0.5));

the 0.5 is in place of how far into the animation you want to call the function
even though it would make sense to be able to do ,length * (5/25), or something like that it always gives me problems, so just turn it into a simple float

an example if you want it 20 frames into an 80 frame animation just multiply the length by 0.25