How to call RPC in new Unity 5.1 in separated projects???


Is it possible to call RPC / a method at server from client (or whatever) in new Unity Networking?
I have separated projects for a client and server. So I cannot use [ClientRpc]
Or I did something wrong.

Please help!!
Thanks in advance!

I Cannot call server methods because of 2 separated projects for a client and a server!

To make anything happen on a separate server, you need to call a method with the [Command] tag. The method also has to begin with the prefix ‘Cmd’ (like CmdTakeDamage).

The server code must now execute the RPC method from that command to all clients. The Rpc method must also be prefixed ‘Rpc’ with [ClientRpc] tag.

Cmd_Damage()//sent to server
Rpc_DoDamage();//server executes

health -= 10;//happens on all clients

There may be more to it but so far this is what I gathered from the documentation and it did indeed work.