How to call same method across all duplicate gameobjects?

Hi, I have multiple gameobjects that are the same as each other and have the same script, and in this script is an “EnemyReset” method that I want to call for all those duplicate objects. Though the only way I know how to do this is thus:

public TouchKillNormalBirdEnemy normalbirdenemy;

	public void ResetAllLevelObjects()

By defining a copy of the script, and then dragging an object with that script on it onto the box in the inspector. However, I want all my duplicated game objects to call this method on themselves respectively. With the code above, itll only work on the gameobject that I assign in the inspector. I really don’t want to have to drag every enemy onto my resetenemy script object just to do this. Does anyone know an easier way?

Try FindObjectsOfType.

However for performance you might be better just to create a static list as you create each object and reference that.