How to Change a character??

Hi, I think about a game that I can change the character by using an item, just like "if I eat meat my character becomes a dog" but this dog has his own movements and powers, a complete new character, so just change the meshfilter will not work, how can I do this??


What you may want to try is simply keeping an array of GameObjects that your character can turn into.

So lets say you have 3 possible animals your character can change into.. Mouse, Cat and a Dog

You load the Mouse, Cat and Dog game objects. But you keep Cat and Dog invisible.

So if you start as a mouse, and you each cheese, you turn into a cat by either hiding the mouse object, and making visible the cat object with the new transforms the mouse had. Then do the same when the cat becomes the dog. Simply hide the cat object, and load/make visible the dog object with the transforms the cat had.

You might also want to look at Instantiate and Destroy methods on the Object class for more information on what is the most efficient way to do this.