How to change a GameObject in a Prefab based on given Input

I have a Prefab called "Piece", for all the different board game pieces. They all have different 3D models. Also a ScriptableObject associated with the prefab that contains a reference to the 3D piece model gameObject, so I can change it out to whatever piece and have that model displayed.

public Piece piece;
private GameObject character;
character = GameObject.Find("Character");
character = piece.character;

The problem is

I don’t know how to actually replace or swap an entire collection of 3D objects in the Piece Prefab based on the given GameObject. I do a very similar thing but with a Card Prefab with sprites, but that just requires me to change the Sprite Renderer component of the Prefab which is simpler and doesn’t require replacing the whole GameObject.

So how could I go about doing this?


To anyone wondering, I got this solved for what I was trying to do:

public Piece piece;
public GameObject modelContainer;

public void SetPieceModel(GameObject model) {
    // Check if model container is assigned
    if (modelContainer == null) {
        Debug.LogError("modelContainer is not assigned in the Inspector.");
    // Remove any existing models
    foreach (Transform child in modelContainer.transform) {

    // Instantiate and assign the new model
    GameObject newModel = Instantiate(model, modelContainer.transform);
    newModel.transform.localPosition =;
    newModel.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity;

Then if you want to spawn/set a piece at runtime with the desired model you could do something like this:

void SpawnPiece()
    // Instantiate a new piece prefab
    GameObject newPiece = Instantiate(piecePrefab);

    // Get the PieceController component of the new piece
    PieceController pieceController = newPiece.GetComponent<PieceController>();

    if (pieceController != null)
        // Set the piece's model based on the ScriptableObject data
        Debug.LogError("Piece prefab is missing the PieceController script.");

Hopefully it helps someone else as it did me.