How to change a large number of booleans as fast as possible without sacrificing framerate?

Let’s say I have a couple hundred things.
Each one has a boolean “state”.

And I need to have one single action or method which changes the bool state of one thing, and pushes that thing’s new bool state to some 1-5 other things that it is “connected” to (by a list of references to other things stored on that thing) which then have to affect the state of their 1-5 other things, etc etc.

If I change all of them in one frame with a loop, I obviously get a lot of framerate drop.

If I do it with a class instance on each object, and tell each one to wait just a fraction of a second before “pushing” their state, I get a problem where this “signal” is able to end up infinitely looping between “circles” of these connections. I need it to be instant enough, that this won’t happen.

How would I have one script which managed every things’ logic without risking framerate?

Again, this doesn’t need to be a per-frame thing, as in, I only need it to happen when for example the player flips a switch on one of these objects. After all of the states are changed I don’t need any additional per frame updates.

Right now every “thing” is a new object with different instances of their class, which basically have a “push state” function which are called by, well, whatever one of their connections pushes their state to it.

I prevent inherently looping by only having the states push to the ones that are not yet that state.

If you change all at same time and always the same value, you can use a static bool for your script. If you are in 2018.2 or more, i think you may use entities for those objects.