How to change a value in custom shader through script, C#


I´m using a shader that i found on the net, called “Blend 2 Textures”
Here´s the shader:

Shader "Blend 2 Textures" { 

Properties {
	_Blend ("Blend", Range (0, 1) ) = 0.5 
	_MainTex ("Texture 1", 2D) = "" 
	_Texture2 ("Texture 2", 2D) = ""

SubShader {	
	Pass {
		SetTexture[_Texture2] { 
			ConstantColor (0,0,0, [_Blend]) 
			Combine texture Lerp(constant) previous


Im trying to use that Blend-value through a C#-script so that i can control the blending on the fly, but i haven´t had much success.
i can get the blend value by using


but my problem starts from there. I just cant get my script to add or subtract anything to that exact value of Blend.

Any help is appreciated, thanks beforehand :slight_smile:

I´ll add my latest failure here also, if its of any help

public class Event_Planet : MonoBehaviour {
	public float blendersValue;
	public float blendValue; 
	void Start() {
		renderer.material.shader = Shader.Find("2TextureBlend");
	void Update () {

		blendersValue = blendersValue + blendValue;

this.renderer.material.SetFloat(“_Blend”, someFloatValue);


These days in Unity:

gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().sharedMaterial.SetFloat("_YourParameter", someValue);