How to change azure spatial anchor objects?

I was able to successfully complete the cross-platform sharing tutorial for azure spatial anchors in unity 2018.3. I could create anchors on HoloLens and locate the same anchors on my iPad. The tutorials create a cube primitive at the anchor locations when creating or recalling an anchor from the cloud. I would like to be able to place different 3D models (not cube or sphere primitives), save the corresponding azure spatial anchors in the cloud, and then share the anchors with my iPad at some time in the future or simultaneously. I have not found any tutorials or scripts that demonstrate how to designate a model to load at the anchor location or how to change from one model to another. My understanding is that only the sparse point cloud of the anchor is uploaded to the cloud and that models/objects are stored on the devices. So, how does one associate a particular object with the anchor such that another device will know what object to load at that location? Has anyone modified the Microsoft tutorial script to get rid of the cube creation portions and use some different models? For example, I might want to have anchor 1 associated with a chair, anchor 2 be a statue, anchor 3 be a plant, etc.

There’s still much to do, being able to update the pose of the anchor, and deleting unwanted anchors, but the basics are here.