How to change canvas position?

Hi, everyone!

I’m very new in Unity and in GameDevelopment at all. So I’ve started with Roll-a-Ball tutorial.
And now I have a trouble with UI Lesson.
When I create Text element Canvas parent creates in strange position.

But in lesson I see that Canvas is near Player object.
How can I move it?

See the bit in your canvas inspector about it being “screen space - overlay”?

That means:

"This render mode places UI elements on the screen rendered on top of the scene. "

And what THAT means, is that you don’t have to worry about where the Canvas and child Text show up in your scene view. When you run the game the UI elements will overlay on the background world objects and it’ll all be fine.

I thought the same thing as well. I just continued through the tutorial even though it looked weird. Then I switched to game view where the little pac man icon is. Everything looked fine in the end. I even built the game and it worked fine there too.