how to change character \ in to /? C#

problem is when I type \ in ‘’ or “” it understands it as a command and not as a character

I want to change all \ characters in to /

			DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo("c:/Programming/unity projects/crafting house/Assets/Textures/Floor/Dirt");
			FileInfo[] info = dir.GetFiles("*.jpg*");
			// repairing stupid windows \ in to /
			for (int i = 0; i < info.Length; i++) {
				TempRepairs = info*.ToString();*
  •  		TempRepairs = TempRepairs.Replace('\"','/');*
  •  	}*

if I place

  •  		TempRepairs = TempRepairs.Replace('g','y');*

it works as it should but I just can’t catch \
thanks in advance
removed foreach as it wasn’t the correct thing any way some how managed to get \ in end of command but still I can’t manage to correct \ in to /
I will greatly appreciate the help I don’t want to type for 10000 textures paths on my own


TempRepairs = TempRepairs.Replace("\\","/");


TempRepairs = TempRepairs.Replace(@"\","/");