how to change collision detection?

I have 3 objects (first panel):

I want to get the effect of emptiness in the place where the trigger is located.

(second panel) Here it is shown that the player walks on the surface of the box and inside the sphere.

(third panel) This shows how the player can interact with the surface.

Have ideas how to do this in theory? Simple answers to ignoring the collider are not accepted.


I figured out to generate a small collider for this purpose, to use it only when the character or other object enters the trigger area.(second panel)

this will happen approximately as follows:

  1. Create a cube that is a bit larger in size than the trigger;
  2. We find the intersection of a small cube and a large;
  3. -//-;
  4. Between the obtained figure and the figure of the trigger, get the difference;
  5. When the player is out of the trigger zone then the collider is not used;
  6. But as soon as the player is in the trigger zone, the collision with the large cube is turned off and turned on with the received trigger.

Probably the only way, I personally do not see other options, but maybe someone smart will advise.

The options for this are still required! Someone, please!