How to change CurrentInputMode in Standalone Input Module?

The Standalone Input Module can be accessed by

EventSystem eventSystem = EventSystem.current;
StandaloneInputModule inputModule = eventSystem.gameObject.GetComponent<StandaloneInputModule>();

However, it’s CurrentInputMode is read only.
It can be read by (following the above code):


Normally, it is changed automatically, (let’s say from InputMode.Mouse to InputMode.Joystick) when you make an input using an actual Joystick. Does anyone know how to change the inputMode in code, and without using an actual Joystick?


I tried to use the following to no avail:

var axisEventData = GetAxisEventData (0f, 1f, 0f);
		ExecuteEvents.Execute (eventSystem.currentSelectedGameObject, axisEventData, ExecuteEvents.moveHandler);

Will cause a module to become active.