How to change different levels in 1 scripts?

As the title, for example, I have total 5 levels in 5 scenes, “scene1” “scene2” “scene3”… When I destroy all the enemy I will move to next scene, is there anyway to use just 1 script which I named it “levelChange” to move from scene1 → scene2 and then from scene2 → scene3? Or I must adjust the script for each scene?


Hmmm, i think i have a fix for you.

Lets say that you already have a boolean for if all the enemys are dead called “AllDead”

Var levelToLoad = 0;
var allDead : boolean = false;
    function Awake(){
    levelToLoad +=1;
    Function Update (){

Set level to load as your starting level and make sure the game object with this script has

“DontDestroyOnLoad (transform.gameObject);”

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: