How to change google play services achievement position?

Hello, I have sort of a problem. I’m using official Google Play Services plugin and official Google mobile ads for unity plugin. I have admob banner ad at the top of my game screen and have some achievements. The problem is that they both appear on top and achievement is hidden behind the ad, so when I get the achievement I barely see an animation and can’t see achievement name and nothing.
Idealy I would like to move achievement a bit a bit down so it doesn’t interfere with an ad and I could see them both. But I have no idea how to do that. Is there a method I can call from my script when I show achievement? Or should I edit some script in GooglePlayGames folder? I looked through most of the scripts but can’t seem to find anywhere how to change achievement position.
Tried to google for the solution but couldn’t find anything either. Is there any suggestion guys?

Same problem here =(

You can change the gravity of achievement popup by this line of code after authenticate.