how to change image on button click

I am new and dont know a lot yet but i want to know how to “CHANGE AN IMAGE ON BUTTON CLICK” NOT change button image. I have looked every ware and havent found what i need i need to change images on a button click but there are 8 images and 8 buttons. I want one button to change one image and the other buttons change that image i atach to it. ill leave a screen shot.
I want button one to change to image 1 and button two to change to image 2 and so on to 8.

If i get flaged for duplicate fourm it because i could not find a fourm with what i need.

Hi there @donotprikel.

You need to change the SPRITE field in Image component for the current image that you want to show.

I created a similar scenario of your problem and made this:

  1. Created all the buttons that I will need.

  2. Created a single Image game object on canvas.

  3. Created a script called ‘ToggleImage’ that gets the Single Image gameobject on canvas and a image to change.

  4. I attached the script to all buttons and drag the script component to button click event field and select the function that changes the image.

The code:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
public class ToggleImage : MonoBehaviour
    public Image ImageDisplayGameObject;
    public Sprite ImageToActive;
    public void ShowImage()
        ImageDisplayGameObject.sprite = ImageToActive;

Some screenshots:

Let me know if it helped :slight_smile: