How to change monodevelops theme?

Hi, Ive been looking around and cant seem to figure out how to change monodevelops theme to a black darker ish theme(cause that white is just gross), and I have the theme packages and followed several tutorials but their all for outdated versions of monodevelop, does anyone know how to change it in the most recent version?

Tools==> options → Text Editor → Syntax Highlighting

There’s a been slight change after monodevelop 4.0.1 where this hack wouldn’t work on Windows anymore:

What you need to do is replace this file instead of the one specified by the OP:

C:\Program Files\Unity\MonoDevelop\bin\gtkrc.win32

Hi, its easy go to

Tools → Options → Syntax Highlighting


For user interface (not the code) , use this tutorial

I am trying to resolve that as well… what I found out may get you on your way…
I have not delved into it yet, but my understanding is that:
-[Unity 5.0.1/Mono 4.01/64bit WIN7 in my case) there is a ‘gtkrc’ file in the “C:\Program Files\Unity501\MonoDevelop\share hemes\MS-Windows\gtk-2.0\gtkrc” which configures Mono
I am now looking for information on the keys that point to the menu dropdowns colors, if indeed it can be done in that file!
If you find the solution before I do, I hope you will post it here… I will post my results once I get to a point of better understanding.

I found the solution! Go into MonoDevelop, and on the top right corner there should be a search bar. In the bar, type “Preferences” and click Preferences. Now, when you go into preferences, syntax highlighting is right there!

Ya I’m having the same problem. I want to change the program theme, not just the text editor. Not sure why this is so difficult. Lately my vision has been getting worse after work. I stare at Monodevelop 8 hours a day and it really affects my vision. Not only that but I get headaches now when I stare at the white screen. All my other programs have the dark themes which help a lot, but Monodevelop is still an eyesore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Using Monodevelop 4.0.1)

Hopefully this is the solution you’re looking for.

Well, it was hard found it, but for future references,
On Mac you must follow the next path

MonoDevelop-Unity ==> Preferences ==> Text Editor → Syntax Highlighting