How to change object's animation phase in editor's scene view?

I have object with a walk-animation, where object starts from origin and during walk cycle moves away from the origin.

When I move such object from assets to my scene’s hierarchy, my object appears to scene-window at end of the walk cycle. This means, that object mesh is far away object’s origin. Which means, that when I change Transform’s rotation, the objects flies around pole far behind of the object. Also positioning the object is next to impossible as I can’t see object in correct location.

How do I change animation phase that I see at editor? Or how I prevent animation phases to be seen in editor window? I just want my visible mesh sit tightly in object’s actual origin and save any offsets to IK-movement animations.

Hi stumbler, I was if the same problem.
unity take the last frame of animation to put on scene… I dont know why u.u
But u can put the last frame in position u want in 3D program… just to unity recognize