How to change Point of Application of a vector?

Hi all,
As you know, in Unity we can create vector in 3D, using vector3.
If I write new vector3(2f,2f,0f) I create a vector that start from origin (0f,0f,0f) and end to (2f,2f,0f) coordinates.
I don’t want that my vector start from origin, I want start it from (2f,0f,0f) and end to (2f,2f,0f). Is it possible?? Thank you

You are describing a line segment in 3D space, from 2,0,0 to 2,2,0. You’d use two Vector3’s to track this information, each point being stored relative to the origin. If you later want to know how these two points in space relate to eachother you can subtract one from the other to get the Vector3 between them.

I’d suggest reading up on Linear Algebra to get a sense of Basis (linear algebra) - Wikipedia