how to change scene using rigidbody

hello well , i want to change scene using a rigidbody like , there is a dungeon and a rigidbody which is kinematic and meshrenderer is disabled when fps player touches it another scene ,ie, for xample 2 should be open , thnx for helping

Use collision, if the player collides with the rigidbody, than it changes level.



Should help a little bit...

So you want the FPS to hit the invisible wall and then change scene? if so:

    function OnCollisionEnter (hit : Collision)
    if(hit.gameObject.tag == "Type the tag of your object that you are colliding with")
    // You can change the tag in the inspecter.
        Application.LoadLevel("Type the name of the level you want to load")

This should do the trick. When you collide with thw invisible wall then you change scene.

This should do the trick. :)

This doesn’t seem to work for me, as the level changed as soon as the collier object would collide with anything whatsoever except the player.