How to change scenes without effecting player position?

I have the transitions of moving back and fourth already made

I just need help with Changing scenes but not effecting player position

DontDestroyOnLoad() is your hero.

When you call DontDestroyOnLoad(transform.gameObject) inside the Awake function of a game object, then the game object that this function was called on will remain in the hierarchy when you move to the next scene.

So, to solve your problem, either call DontDestroyOnLoad in the Awake function of any script that’s attached to your player object, or create an empty game object, and attach a script that calls the DontDestroyOnLoad on it, then save the Coordinates of the player in this script and access it from any scene that you want.

@AhmadSannan47 ok, so I was able to save my player’s position every single time, and now every time I move go and back to scene 1, my character is doubled, there’s an imposter among us