How to change settings for the default skybox?

Hi there,

This is perhaps a silly question but I have looked everywhere and haven’t found any discussion talking about this.

I’m using the default skybox that Unity provides to do some testing. What is strange is that when I created two different levels, the same default skybox with the same settings generates a different sky. The first one appears to have a “set” Sun, whereas the Sun in the second one is clearly in the sky so it’s daytime.

My problem is I can’t find the setting that changes this. I have the Lighting window open in both screenshots to demonstrate that there is no difference in the settings of the skybox from there. Something else has changed, and I’m trying to figure out what that is.

I’ve deleted the default directional Sun light from both of these levels.

Does anybody have any ideas in regards to this? Please let me know!


It’s because of the rotation of the directional light in the scene - if you point it straight down it will be midday, and straight up will be midnight - so you can make a day and night cycle just by rotating it (:

Copy or create directional light for other scene.