How to change text on a TextMesh with a non-dynamic font on iOS?

I was using TextMesh and changing the text on it on other platforms without issues before, but when I started trying to change the text on iOS I started getting errors such as:

Font size and style overrides are only supported for dynamic fonts.

This is how I was changing the text (without issues on other platforms):

UIScore.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = Score.ToString();

I made sure all my fonts were set to Unicode, and the Unity Script Reference doesn’t list the text member of TextMesh as a dynamic font property. How can I change the text on my fonts without issues?

No the reason for the error is you are setting font size for the text mesh. Font size over rides are not supported in mobile platforms now.

You have to take a font of a bigger size and control the size of the text using scale value not the font size. If font size is not 0 you will get this error. The same error will come if font style is not normal.

When you click on your own font then you can see a drop-down property "character " in inspector as shown in the image. Select dynamic and apply the changes.