how to change the center ?

how to change the center ?

i don talking center and global options which has the unity
i talking for the normal center

It’s not possible to change the center as Unity provides via this tool. It simply averages all the vertices in a mesh or the position of multiple selected transforms. The other mode uses the pivot as set by the modeling application in which a mesh was created, or it takes the first position of multiple selected transforms.

You can work around these constraints by creating additional GameObjects, which you can use as “custom pivots”. So basically, create a new GameObject at (0, 0, 0), then parent all other objects underneath it. Offset the child objects as you wish.

In your screenshot it looks like you have multiple GameObjects (maybe children?) selected. In this case, Unity, as sais, gives you the average position of all transforms in the selection hierarchy. If all objects are at the desired position already, you can create a new parent to work as a custom pivot.

I think I found Super Pivot FREE Modifier is not working


even if change the center for blender is not working