How to change the direction, amplitude and frequency on click of Object that uses sine wave pattern to move

I have a problem with the player script I am developing. the player at default moves in a sine wave pattern, but on clicking on the button I need to change the direction, amplitude, and frequency of the player. I which I am stuck here and I don’t know how to code it. To make the problem more crystal clear I need the movement similar to this game: JUMPING FISH by Ketchapp - High Score (iOS iPhone Gameplay Video) - YouTube
this is the code of the player :
private float ForwardSpeed = 3f; // forward speed of the bird
private float DefaultBounceSpeed = 4f; // Default Bouncing speed of the bird
private float DefaultAmplitude = 2f; // Default amplitude of the sine
private bool Button;

    public bool isAlive; // bool

	void start(){
	isAlive = true;
	void FixedUpdate(){
	    PlayerMovement(); // controls the movement of the player 
	    private void PlayerMovement()
	Vector3 temp = transform.position;
	temp.x += ForwardSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
    temp.y = DefaultAmplitude * (Mathf.Sin(DefaultBounceSpeed * Time.time));
    transform.position = temp;

Guys where are you ?! Anyone here can help me