How to change the file name for the final build?

I have completed my project and am in the process of building it for standalone application on an intel based mac. My problem is that it builds the project with an old name that i used when i first started it. How do i change the build name?

Edit>Project Settings>Player, change Product Name

Select File->Build Settings, then the Build button, and it prompts you for what filename to use. I presume you've been doing CTRL-B for Build-and-Run?

I'll add one caveat to Mike's answer. In Unity 2.6 if I change the Product Name to something new WITHOUT renaming the project folder too, then I got an error trying to build any of the Apple/Mac builds (from Windows 7). The error: "DirectoryNotFoundException"; however if I can build the Windows version fine. If I change the name of the folder to EXACTLY match the Edit>Project Settings>Player>Product Name then it'll build the Apple versions successfully.